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EleBoba Reusable Boba Cup with Lid and Straws


  • SPILL PROOF BUBBLE TEA CUP WITH COOL ADD ONS – The reusable boba cup comes with Leak Proof Lid to make sure that no drink goes wasted, 1 stainless steel and 1 plastic boba straw, a pouch to carry around, sticker sheets to suit your mood, and a straw cleaning brush to make sure everything stays nice and tidy
  • BPA FREE & REUSABLE – This boba tea cup with lid and straws is made up of food grade, highly durable ASA material; which means that you can have your favorite drinks whole day without any off smell or taste
  • KEEPS HOT & COLD – Our insulated cup for boba tea is insulated with vacuum technology between two layers of high grade ASA Plastic making sure that cold drinks stay cold and hot drinks stay hot while not burning your hand
  • MULTIPURPOSE & EASY TO WASH – This smoothie cup is suitable for drinking boba tea, shakes, smoothies or even frappes besides iced coffee and juices; because it is easy to wash and dry, it can be used over and over again to experience the drinks you love
  • HANDY & TRAVEL FRIENDLY – Cup holder inside, adds more value to its handy feature. The eco-friendly cup holder helps to keep your drinks safe whether it’s a fun trip or you’re going to the office


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Product Description

eleboba ebc logo

Hello Boba Lover!

EleBoba Brings the ultimate bubble tea experience in the palm of your hand!

Our premium 24oz cup is made from high-quality, BPA-free, Food Grade; AS plastic and features a unique, fun design that is sure to turn heads. The large size is perfect for enjoying your favorite bubble tea, smoothie, or even just a refreshing drink on the go.

But the EleBoba Bubble Tea Cup isn’t just about good looks – it’s also practical. The secure screw-on lid and reusable straw make it easy to take your bubble tea with you wherever you go, and the durable construction ensures that it can withstand the rigors of daily use.

So why settle for a boring, ordinary cup when you can upgrade to the EleBoba Bubble Tea Cup? It’s the perfect addition to any bubble tea lover’s collection, and is sure to bring a smile to your face every time you use it.

EleBoba Tumbler

Leak proof

shatter proof


Perfect choice

Leak Proof

Spill Proof Lid makes this cup safe to put in the purse of bags and take your favorite Tumbler wherever you go

Shatter Resistant

Don’t worry if you drop the cup, AS Material is Premium Acrylic material which makes our cups Shatter Resistant

Dual Wall Insulation

Got on call and forgot to sip your drink? Our cup will maintain your drink’s temperature for a longer period of time

Perfect Choice

Quality, Style, and Practical Design. makes our Bubble Tea Cup the top choice for our happy customers

straws for boba cup

Straws and Cleaning Brush

We have added reusable, wide and angled straws, one is made of Food Grade Stainless Steel while the other is made up of BPA free top quality Plastic. Cleaning brush also comes with to clean the straws

EleBoba Boba Tea Cup

Cool Packaging

carry pouch to carry the bubble tea cup

Cup Holder

stickers sheet for boba cup

Stickers Sheet

straws for boba cup

Straws and Brush

Additional information


Black, Blue, Green, Pink, White

43 reviews for EleBoba Reusable Boba Cup with Lid and Straws

  1. Thao Nguyen

    I consulted many other brands before choosing to buy. when i received it i feel very happy because the money is quite cheap but the quality is worth it. A tumbler a very thick, looks pretty solid, so cute!

  2. raspberryvixen

    This boba cup is great! It’s so well-made and feels sturdy. I love that it comes with two different types of straws and a brush to clean them. I also love that it comes with a carry pouch! The included stickers to decorate the cup are adorable! Now I need to go make myself a nice cup of boba milk tea!

  3. Nathania Giraldo

    It is a good call quality cup. We haven’t had any issues with leakage. The size is ideal and the cup is durable.

  4. Melissa

    Wow! This Boba Cup was an absolute hit with my daughter – she couldn’t stop raving about it! The quality of the hard plastic material is top-notch, and the adorable design adds an extra touch of charm. The included little bag is a game-changer, especially for traveling or when on the go in the car. It’s both practical and stylish, making it a must-have for any Boba lover.

  5. Sabby

    Love this cup it’s perfect for fitting large boba drinks in. I like that everything is reusable instead of going through a bunch of disposable cups you can just wash this and the straw is a good size that allows boba to flow through. Saves money making them at home and can easily take to school or work. You can close the cap too so when you finish up there’s no leaks. Would recommend!! I’ll decorate with the stickers after this just wanted to show the actual product off!

  6. Mariah Schroeder

    Finally a perfect boba cup

  7. Aundrea Puttin

    Just what I was needing.

  8. Bethany Newell

    This is a great product

  9. Diana’s Makeup Chair

    Leak proof

  10. Lisa M. West

    Great tumbler. Like that you get a metal and plastic staw and cleaning pipette. I love boba tea and did not read how many ounces it held so that was the only down side. 40 or greater ounces would have been perfect.

  11. TB

    Gifted to co-worker’s daughter and she loved it. She decorated her cup with the stickers, great for kids

  12. Mestars

    I love this cup because the photos looked the same and everything looks amazing. It came with everything in the photo and it is leak proof but don’t tip it upside down. It came with metal and plastic straws. Over all I rate it a 5.5. I recommend it

  13. Courtney Curated

    I gifted this to the boba lover in my home. It came in really cute and neat packaging, with all the essentials to enjoy a boba drink (boba purchased seperately). The stickers are fun and dishwasher friendly. We haven’t tried the bag holder though, since it’s pretty easy to carry.

  14. Mandy

    I absolutely love this reusable boba cup.

    It is adorable with the design.

    Keeps your drink cold for hours.

    The lid screws on tightly to ensure no leaks or spills.

    The Boba straw is perfect and it fits the Boba pieces through perfectly.

    It is very easy to clean either by hand or in the dishwasher.

    It is a very giftable cup and I would highly recommend it.

  15. northstar77

    It’s clear they took the time to design this reusable cup set for some who loves boba. Starting from the box, there’s even a poem/song. Also comes with a carrying pouch. And 2 straws, 1 plastic and 1 metal with a cleaning brush. Also has stickers to decorate the cup.

  16. aaron clutter

    This is so amazing and I love it! Thank you so much! Needs more stars!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  17. MsOccean

    Took one star away because it states a recipe book was included but none is present. Also I’m not sure if the stickers we’ll peel off after being washed. Will only place one on to test it out.

  18. ravenssongbird

    This boba tumbler is great! The carrying strap works so well, also as a way to have a good grip when holding the cup. The straws are sturdy. The cleaning brush is a good quality little cleaner. I think the stickers are so cute and fun. Really is leak proof and washes well.

  19. John Haworth

    My 7 and 5 year olds love boba and these cups

  20. zblondchef

    My daughter loves this cup because she could decorate it and loves having a real boba cup to use.
    We did have a missing piece, we were able to get a new set with the missing piece. The seller made it right and I greatly appreciated that!

  21. Ana Jourdain

    Very durable nice size cup for boba, the carrying bag is a great quality bag and very sturdy.

  22. decomposeur

    I love boba and it’s hard finding a true boba tumbler that isn’t a mason jar with a lid. This lid has the option to close the straw hole when not in use to prevent spilling. I love that it comes with both a plastic and metal straw.

  23. Mxo

    Love it! Use it every day. Works well. Really cute elephant on the front. This is a really nice tumbler

  24. Gianni

    This cup is perfect for boba. It comes with sti keys to decorate and a little carring bag. It’s the perfect thickness and no problem with the boba going through the straw. My son loves it. He hasn’t dropped it yet so I’m not sure about the durability.

  25. Jennifer P

    It’s okay. Works so so, the metal straw does not like to suck up boba very well so I have to use the plastic one.

  26. That Guy

    I’m obsessed with this boba cup! It’s so cute and comes with everything you need to enjoy your bubble tea or smoothie. It has a leak-proof lid with a hole plug, two straws (one metal and one plastic), a cleaning brush, a cute cloth pouch, and some stickers to decorate it – my little niece stole them lol. I love the pink color and the kawaii design.

    The only thing you need to be careful about is not to put it in the dishwasher. I made that mistake once and water got inside the hollow space between the two layers of plastic. It was hard to get it out and I was worried it would get moldy. So just hand wash it with warm water and soap and you’ll be fine.

  27. Kristi Beal

    I loved this cup since I bought it a couple of months ago, but now I can’t use it at all. The lid is just completely stuck. I’ve tried for days to get the lid off, but it won’t budge. There aren’t any grooves on the side of the lid to make it come off easier, it’s smooth and the cup just keeps slipping out of my attempt to open it no matter what I try to use to hold it.

  28. Amazon Customer

    Nice cup. Everything came besides the recipes. Based on other reviews the recipes are not included.

  29. Michelle

    I love this boba cup! It’s pretty big and fills me up for the morning. I also love that it came with stickers and two straws. The only thing I would’ve liked to have gotten was the recipe book. Other than that, I loved this product and would definitely buy again!

  30. David S

    With all new trends, the kids get so excited to try new things. My youngest loves to stop and get a boba drink when we are out, and now we can enjoy them at home. The straws (and brush cleaner) make it easy to keep clean. The holster/carrying strap has not been used, but is durable and stitched well.
    I deducted a star, because the lid is a little tricky to get on and off, and sometimes it doesn’t stay on well.

  31. Infinite3

    This boba cup is so adorable! Amazing design and Super cute for any occasion.

  32. Just Another Jennifer

    It’s a cute cup and is 24 as indicated in the description. The lid can be difficult to get on straight.

  33. Bridget

    Got this for my boba loving stepdaughter and she absolutely loved it. She put every sticker that came with it on her cup. They were so cute! Everything that came with it was and felt durable, the straw, and the cleaning stuff included. The only disappointing thing was the box said there were free digital recipes, but we couldn’t find them. I emailed the manufacturer a week ago, and still haven’t heard back. The recipes were only a perk, and do not change all the other great things about this product.

  34. Celesse

    We love this kit! My daughter is very happy.

  35. JP

    I was really thrilled to get this cup. It’s nicely packaged. It’s huge, the straws are huge too! No problem sucking up boba pearls with these straws. It came with a cup holding sleeve with a space to put your straw as well. You get a straw cleaning brush that is wide enough to clean the straws. Perfect! I was disappointed that mine was missing the recipe book though. I am thrilled that they included 2 types of straws with this cup. I can’t drink from stainless steel products and stay away from steel tumblers. So the fact that they included a plastic straw in the same size and shape was surprising and most welcome! The straws are angled at the bottom tip to allow pearls to be easily sucked up. Pretty cool. The top lid is threaded and there is a silicone flap that covers the straw hole when not in use to prevent spillage. It fits the straw hole and seems to have a good seal. My only worry is the piece connecting the flap is super thin–paper thin–and I’m pretty sure that is going to break at some point. All in all, this was a nice cup with accessories for boba lovers. It would make a great gift too. I’m going to have to get my sister and 2 nieces each a cup. They are into iced coffees and boba teas. I’d certainly recommend this cup, I don’t own any other specifically for boba tea, so I can’t compare to others, but I’m happy. I would love to have the missing recipe book…

  36. crystal peppe-kinard

    My daughter loves bubble tea and this cute is so cute she decorated it to her likings and it’s great

  37. CSmith

    Perfect gift for someone who loves Bubble Tea. This 24oz cup is perfect. The stickers packaged with the cup are adorable and the carry pouch makes traveling with this cup very convenient. The tumbler is light weight and easy to clean. This cup is also ideal for smoothies and shakes.

  38. C Croft

    Super cute tumbler, love the stainless steel straws and leak proof. The cleaning brush is also very handy
    Has a new carry pouch. Plus it’s microwave safe.
    Can’t beat it!

  39. Heather

    Love this cup! Very good quality and durable. Comes with a carrying pouch, 2 straws and a cleaner. My child enjoyed putting stickers on it too. Would recommend!

  40. Swtpetitebabe

    Opening the package for this cup was like Christmas for me. The whole entire time I was saying “how cute”, so many times. The video speaks for itself. I ordered this because my clear 24oz. Starbucks cup that I use almost everyday for my homemade green smoothie (only), has seen better days.

    This seems to be the same quality as my Starbucks cup. This comes with the cup with a sealable straw opening. 1 stainless steel wide straw, 1 clear plastic wide straw, a straw cleaning brush, and a canvas cup carrier. You also get super cute stickers!

    This cup has inspire me to make my own boba drinks. I highly recommend. If you want quality, affordability, and cuteness roll in one. This is it!

  41. Bonito

    El vaso es muy bonito, el plástico es grueso, y me encantó la bolsita que biene para cargarlo.

  42. One-Click Chocolate Chick

    My eldest daughter loves bubble/boba tea. Unfortunately, I only like the milk tea and not the boba, but to each his own. I think it’s cute that she loves something different than myself, so I indulge her. I think the commercial made boba teas are very pretty so I really indulge. I’ve been trying to get her to make them at home because buying in-store or at a specialty store gets pricey. I have several Asian markets in my state, so I just needed a pretty cup. This cup is awesome. It comes with 2 wide straws (plastic & metal), a carry sleeve, and stickers. Plus, the top has a straw stopper for a leak proof top. While the stickers are really cute, I don’t know about the stickers being waterproof, especially after cleaning the cup.

  43. Devgirl

    Love this boba cup! The straw is wide enough which is nice.

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